5 ways to get organized for work on your days off

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Uh the work week. Sometimes it brings routine other times it brings chaos. I suppose that’s what makes it so exciting, am I right? Did you know if you get organized on your off days it can help alleviate added stress and chaos caused by rushing and panicking? You have the power to take away some of the upcoming weeks chaos.

As you can see from the title today’s post is simply a list post. Just a couple easy things I do during the weekend to help out future me during the work week.

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5 ways to get organized for the work week on your days off

From personal experience, the more prepared I am, the less stress I endure.

1) Chores

I always do my laundry at the end of my work week (either a Thursday or Friday) right after I get home.  I’m not sure about you guys but I dont enjoy spending my free time doing “chores”. I prefer to get that shit out of the way while I’m still in work mode.

Try and get it done right away so you have more time to do things you enjoy. (Unless laundry is one of the things you enjoy, then spend all your time on it ;-))

2) meal prepping will help you get organized

This can be as simple as chopping up a few onions, or washing berries or other fruit and putting them in containers. Take the time to wash your fruit and veggies. Cut them up and put them in the fridge in containers. This makes them easy access for cooking or snacking.

It will also help to cut down on the amount of junk and convenience foods you are consuming which can help improve your mood, sleep and energy levels.

Here’s some of the food prep I have done. Inside these containers are washed and cut up fruit. I would have done more, but alas, I ran out of containers and room in my fridge. Haha

3) personal care

For me this always involves a hair treatment ( this doesn’t have to be expensive, there are many different kinds available) and a face mask.  This could be a simple sheet mask or a full on can’t move your face charcoal mask. I really like to use the ones from Dermalogica. They have a hydrating one that really helps if your skin is dry.

If you are looking for a great open you can get at the drug store or grocery store I highly suggest Garnier SkinActive products. Also Garnier Bio is really good and affordable as well.

These are some of my favorite face care products

wait! There’s more ways to help improve your work week

4) Get outfits ready for the next week

I wear a “uniform” (ugly maroon tshirt with the company’s name on it) and leggings because I move a lot. So for me this is incredibly easy.  For people who have a choice in what they wear I suggest putting some outfits together and hanging them in your closet.

A good idea while you’re in your closet is to put together all your basics, make sure you put them front and center so you have easy access to them. Then plan outfits based around your basics.

Jenni has a great post on how to shop your closet

Please do NOT take fashion advice from me. I have almost no sense of style. Lol

5) Making lists is a easy way to get organized

I personally am a very task oriented person. It helps me to have things put down so that I know what I have to do. These lists usually include tasks that need to be done around my apartment, grocery lists, appointment lists ect.

Make sure to prioritize your to-do list . Have the stuff the is most “urgent” at the top of the list and mark them off as you go along.

*Chapters has a lot of cute planners and stationary stuff to help keep you organized*

In conclusion

Those are just 5 examples of ways I choose to help “future me” on my days off. Other boring things I do are mostly cleaning. Its a little sad that I work as a cleaner fulltime then come home and clean some more, but oh well. That’s life :-).

What are some ways you use your  “downtime” to help out future you? Let me know down in the comments below.

Till next time,

Tanya xoxo

16 thoughts on “5 ways to get organized for work on your days off”

  1. This is organisation at its finest! I do the same thing with washing because l too hate that job! I could do with food prepping but I’m useless I. The kitchen! My biggest organisation, is that over the weekend, I sit and plan my creations for the week ahead, so l choose a blog topic and a vlog topic, ready to work on during the week. I also study, so l do a schedule for the week, working out how best to use my time. It’s always a loose plan,but helps me to see clearly what needs doing and the time l have available.

    Thanks for sharing your process!

  2. I love planning ahead! I definitely get my beauty stuff out of the way on the weekends and laundry, yes it has its sacred place but for me, thatโ€™s on Sundays because I find it to be kind of leisurely and fun. Especially ironing, because I do it only once in a while and when I do I feel like itโ€™s magical, lol.

    1. Lol, oh Rachel. Ya I don’t own a iron so that’s not something I do. My work uniform is just a tshirt and leggings so I wear that 5 days a week. Woot! Honestly doing laundry doesn’t bother me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I spend time writing down my appointments and work schedules. Because I work two jobs and go to school, itโ€™s rare to have day offs. What I like to do is plan my week and try and do something at least once a week.


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