6 Self Care ideas for when you are sick/injured

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Self care has become all the rage now. It’s finally “in” to start taking care of yourself mentally. So what happens when you’re sick or injured?.

I know myself personally when I’m sick I pretty much just do what I have to. Now with my broken ankle it’s a little different. The self care I’m giving myself is different because my needs are different.

For example, I’m not going to have a bath with a broken ankle. That would be dumb, I would not be able to get in or out of the tub, plus I can’t get my cast wet.

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What makes self care different when you’re sick/injured?

Well I’m glad you asked. For one thing, your needs are different. Your mind and body will have different needs than if you were well, sickness and injuries put added stress on the body.

Like the example I posted up above. I can’t take the bath approach to self care because my ankle is non weight baring. Just like if you had pneumonia, you wouldn’t or shall I say shouldn’t go out for a run.

So what can you do?

Here is a list of self care ideas you can practice while sick/injured.

  1. Rest when you need to. Like I said, in this case your needs are different. Your body needs rest to help it heal. Be kind to yourself, if you’re tired, take a break.
  2. Call or text family or friends. When you aren’t able to get out and about it becomes easy to feel isolated. It’s not good for your physical, emotional or mental health. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people.
  3. Listen to some of your favorite music. Music has been shown to have a positive impact on people. It’s hard to be upset when you’re busy jamming to your favorite beat.
  4. Drink plenty of water. Yes, I probably sound like your parents right now. Water helps rid your body of toxins plus you don’t want to be dehydrated. That would just cause more issues. Another benefit to drinking water is it helps prevent muscle cramping. If you’re on 1 foot and crutches the last thing you want is a leg cramp.
  5. Move around. It doesn’t have to be a lot of movement. It could just be your trips between the bathroom and your bed. Moving around whatever that may look like for you (for me it’s crutches and 1 foot that I hop with) helps with blood flow and oxygen. Plus like I’ve said previously on this blog, blood clots are not cute, you don’t want them.
  6. Put on clean clothes. This one may sound like a no brainer but when you just don’t feel well the last thing you want to do is use your remaining energy on getting dressed. I get it, but you don’t want to sit around in clothes filled with sweat, or other bodily stuffs.

What about eating?

Yes! You have to eat, your body needs the energy to help heal itself. Even if all you can get down is a cup of chicken soup, whatever works. Some suggestions if you want to consume something rich in water, try; watermelon, celery, herbal tea, cucumber, tomatoes, oranges, apples, spinach, blueberries or any melon.

Whatever you decide to do while you are sick or injured remember to make it kind. This is your time to rest and heal, be kind to yourself. Think about your needs and go from there.

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Tanya xoxo

24 thoughts on “6 Self Care ideas for when you are sick/injured”

  1. Self Care is all the rage these days for sure. What a great thing for us all to embrace though, right! It is difficult to be sick or hurt and deal with all the rest we have going on in this crazy world. Take care of yourself first and the rest will follow.

    1. I agree with you Jody, it’s good that people finally want to take care of themselves. It makes me happy πŸ™‚

  2. About a year ago I read this awesome post on LinkedIn about “immune system upgrades” and that we should treat the flu or a cold like a “system upgrade”. Part of that means “shutting down all other windows, tabs and programs” and allowing the “upgrade” to run without interference.
    REST – on the very first day you notice the symptoms, rather than pushing through.
    Since then, a cold or flu doesn’t last more than 24 hours… because I intentionally step back and focus on the self-care and allow my body to do what it does best!

    Great post!

  3. Resting when you need to is so important. Sometimes I was looking forward to going to the gym but i cant go and hurt myself there

    1. I completely agree with you. That’s why I made sure to put call or text family or friends. Isolation is horrible. Thanks for reading

  4. Great post, Tanya! This is perfect for people who really can’t do some of the regular self-care things. I know when I’m in pain the last thing I want to do is go for a walk or run, even though everyone says that’s a great self-care idea. And I think we all forget to drink lots of water, especially if we’re sick, so that’s always a great reminder. I loved that you included foods that were high in water content too!

    Such a good post with really good ideas! I hope your ankle heals quickly! <3

    Emily | http://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    1. Oh my! I hope you are okay. Lol, life has a way of bringing my posts to those who could use them. I hope you heal quickly

  5. These are awesome tips! I wish I knew this when I had the flu last month, but definitely good to know for the future. I love that you mentioned that depending on the situation, your self-care will be different. It all varies, but when it comes to when you’re feeling ill or dealing with an injury, these are some great tips. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Great post, and it’s so important to recognise that certain forms of self care are impossible when you’re sick or injured. Thanks for sharing! Xx

  7. I personally have to be constantly reminded to take care of myself. That’s why my blog is mostly self care it’s as much for me as my reader. Anything self care is a good read to me.

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