Anxiety Relief for Teens: Book Review

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*Thank you Netgally and the author for the free review copy of Anxiety relief for teens. All thoughts and opinions are completely own*

Title: Anxiety Relief for Teens

Author: Regine Galanti, PHD

Page count: 116

Published on: March 30, 2020

First impressions

I thought this book was very well presented. It’s easy to follow without dumbing things down. It gives great examples and suggestions. As we as goes through cbt skills, and mindfulness techniques that you can use to overcome stress and anxiety.

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I highly recommend this for anyone with a teen. Even if your teenager does not have a anxiety disorder this book would be helpful.

It’s full of fantastic techniques and activities along with suggested prompts that would be helpful for any age range.

4.5 stars

Thoughts as a adult reading this book on Anxiety relief techniques

I’ve previously read some hit and miss mental health books. Some just make you scratch your head and think ??????. This one was not one of those books. It presents well, like I mentioned above it is easy to follow. The techniques were what is being reccomended now (at least by my therapist).

While being informative it also leaves some wiggle room for your own suggestions, and options that are most comfortable for you. Each person is recognized as an individual but also as a collective group (as in you’re not alone).

If you struggle with stress or anxiety and are open to someone elses suggestions and are willing to explore different techniques I feel you could really benefit from this book.

If you are looking for romance, you’re not going to find that here. This is a informational book.

The ebook is available on Amazon as well as Kobo.

If you’ve read this book let me know what you thought of it in the comments below. Did it help you? What did you think of the strategies?

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8 thoughts on “Anxiety Relief for Teens: Book Review”

    1. Thanks for reading Michelle :-). I have anxiety as well and found this book really easy to follow with great suggestions. I hope it helps!

  1. I’ll be checking this out – even though I’m no longer a teenager I’ve never read any books to help with anxiety so this looks like it may be a good place to start!
    Thanks for the informative review!

    Charlotte | x

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