8 ways to keep calm under stressful conditions

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Where’s Taylor Swift when you need her? Yes, I’m referring to her song “you need to calm down“. It’s no secret that right now is a extremely difficult, stressful and anxious time for everyone. Everywhere you look you’re getting mixed messages.

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Now is a perfect time to remember our grounding skills. If you happen to be having a difficult time, remember to take care of yourself and practice self care.

Tips for keeping calm in stressful conditions

Our goal here is to reduce the stress we are under. It’s highly unlikely that all stress will go away but we can at least help manage it. You want to avoid behaviors that will cause burnout.

I understand wanting to help people but you need to take care of yourself as well. As the old saying goes “you can’t pour from a empty cup”.

A couple tips

Educate yourself but don’t over educate.

So what do I mean by that? You want to be aware of the situation at hand but at the same time you don’t want to scare yourself.

Practice your breathing techniques

If you are able to you want to take deep breaths in through your nose, hold for at least 10 seconds and exhale through your mouth.

Be prepared

Preperation for the task a head, whether that be creating a presentation or stocking up (not hoarding) for self isolation.

If you find your mind racing practice your grounding techniques

If you find things are becoming stressful or “to much” practice grounding.

Limit Caffeine

As a self proclaimed Dr Pepper addict this one hurts my soul. Consuming large amounts of caffeine can put you on edge and make you jumpy.

Take things one day at a time

Focus on what needs to be accomplished today. This way your “to do” list is smaller and less overwhelming/stressful.

Focus on the big picture

Sometimes in getting caught up in all the little things you lose sight of the big picture. Think about why it is you’re doing what you’re doing. What are you trying to accomplish.

Keep things in perspective

Think along the lines of “will this matter 5 years, 5 weeks or even 5 days” from now?

Just Breathe

Okay, these 8 techniques will help you if you get into a stressful situation. Remember that you are not alone. We all have good days and bad days. What’s that quote? “You can’t see a rainbow without a storm?” Something like that. Haha

Let me know how you’re holding up down in the comments below. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Till next time,

Tanya xoxo

88 thoughts on “8 ways to keep calm under stressful conditions”

    1. These are recommendations we could all use, but especially at times like this. Thanks for the suggestions. Will be putting a few to good use.

  1. This is a very helpful post. I really like how you pointed out to educate but not overeducate. I do get a bit freaked out when I know just how scary things are. I’m trying to just sort of remain aware but not emotionally invested. Thank you for this.

    1. Thanks Natasha, yes lol.I purposely put that first. There’s a lot of info being thrown around right now and not all of it is true. You want to be prepared but also not scare yourself <3

  2. #1 and #6 are super important to me – it’s so hard to go into panic mode or get obsessed with the situation, but ignoring it isn’t helpful either. Right now all we can do is go with the flow, and remember that the whole world is in it together. Great idea for a post!

    1. Exactly, that’s why educate but not over educate is #1. Lol. You need to be aware, but also not panic. There’s a lot of panicking right now… :/

  3. I laughed at the Taylor Swift comment because I do listen to her when I need to calm down so when that song came out it was perfect lol. I need to work on limiting caffeine. I don’t sleep well and need to stay awake during the day. However, the caffeine is probably keeping me awake. Here we go loop to loo, here we go loop to lie…. If you can’t tell I’m pretty tired now.

  4. These are all great tips! Focusing on my breathing has really helped calm me during times of anxiety. Thank you for sharing these!

    1. Oh dear… I hope you all can get into a “groove”. It’s definitely a change from a lot of peoples norm. <3

  5. These are great tips. Number 1 and 7 tips are my favorite. Be educated but don’t overeducate, this will help you stay calm in these situations. Focusing on the bigger picture is very important. Thanks for sharing this💜

  6. I’ve been trying to educate myself wisely and keep up with business news. Even with that it’s stressful. Sometimes it doesn’t seem real and then I suddenly remember ‘This IS happening’ and I go into panic mode.

    Excellent tips. I’ll need to remember to limit my coffee intake.

    1. Hey Nyxie, I know it is definitely a worrisome and stressful time for a lot of people. We’re in this together, I’m always here for you

  7. This is all so true and very much needed during these times. Especially educate but not over educate. I know I sometimes freak myself out when I’m trying to calm down

    1. You’re definitely not alone in that Rachel, a lot of people do that. I hope you can make use of some of these suggestions 🙂

  8. I work in a field that can be dangerous, plus am a father to two kids. This information is great advice all the way around!

  9. Great list of ways to de-stress. I particularly like the first one. It’s so true that we need to know about situation to understand it but if we know too much we can drive ourselves mad and overthink!

  10. It’s important to be educated without over educating or worrying yourself. It’s a thin, thin line though and sometimes I find twitter can be so toxic when trying to balance this. At the moment I’m trying to take things a step at a time, not even a day! I’m also trying to balance wanting to get stuff done around the house with practising some self-care and taking time out.

    1. That’s great Nyxie! Take it one moment at a time. That’s great advice for everyone right now. It definitely is a fine line, it’s very easy to overstep and blur as well. <3

    1. I’m happy to hear that Teresa! Yes, with all that is going on right now it’s very easy to feel like you are being “swallowed”.

  11. Ok, I REALLY needed to read this right now!! There’s so much going on in the world right now, that I think we forget to take care of ourselves. I want to be up on all the important details of the news right now, so #1 was perfect for me right now. I’m trying to focus on the facts, not the extra stuff that’s coming out. Thank you for such a great list of reminders of what can help during this stressful time in life. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Emily | http://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    1. Believe me love, I know it’s bonkers right now. The stress on people is bad and it is real. We just have to look out for ourselves and others the best we can. As I seem to say an awful lot now that I’m thinking about it…….. you can’t pour from a empty cup. With all the added stress people will definitely get worn out both mentally and physically faster <3 <3 <3

  12. This is such a great post and a great reminder of all who are going through a lot during this difficult time. Number one is especially important in my opinion because with social media it is easy to drown yourself in the news. Thank you for these tips!

  13. I really like the tips. I tend to use a lot of these when I’m in a stressed state of mind especially my breathing because it also helps with my anxiety. I do have to work on my grounding techniques. This was a good read. Thank you for sharing your tips!!!

  14. Where was this post when I was panicking over my exam a few hours ago? Sometimes I need a little reminder of things I can do that keep my stress levels from getting out of hand. Now is one of those times, with everything going on. It’s all so overwhelming, isn’t it?

    x Envy

    1. Hi Envy, I’m glad you found my post, to bad it was a little late. I hope you are doing okay now. <3

  15. This is so true. It’s so important, just a shame that it’s also so easy to forget to do! This is a good reminder! Thanks 😊

  16. Great tips! I think that keeping things into perspective and taking things one day at a time is very important, especially during this time of isolation when days can easily run together.

  17. Thanks for sharing this! These are really great suggestions. I’m going to try and remember/follow these the next time I find myself stressing out over something.

  18. Love this post. It’s definitely needed now more than ever when a lot of persons are worried and stressing. Thanks much

  19. You are so right. We should definitely educate ourselves and focus on the bigger picture. And breathe, of course. I believe positive mindset is everything, especially during these times. Stay safe! ✨

    1. You’re not alone Nxyie. It was something I struggled with until recent years. Thanks for reading love <3

  20. Hey babe, all of these tips are super helpful! I’m so used to helping others, I sometimes neglect to help myself. I have to remind myself it’s ok to say no and that I come first too. Like you said, you can’t truly help others if you’re not helping yourself too😻

    Natonya | https://JustNatonya.wordpress.com

  21. Thank you for this. I especially like #s 7 & 8. I have to constantly remind myself of these things. It’s a work in progress.

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