Declutter: 6 Things to declutter to live happier

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If you had seen my old apartment you would probably have assumed I was a hoarder. You probably would have been right. I didn’t realize how much stress and anxiety all that stuff was causing. Once I started to declutter it was like the whole world opened up.

I had 60 pairs of unworn heels, as well as over 900 books. It became suffocating.

“You’ll never get organized if you don’t have a vision for your life.” —Linda L. Eubanks

I became happier, more motivated and it helped clear my mind.

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Things to declutter that will make you happier

Decluttering may seem like a daunting task, believe me I get it. But once you start it provides you so much freedom and maybe even some momentum to keep going. Remember, it all doesn’t have to be done at one time or in one day. Break it up into smaller more manageable pieces, this way you are less likely to become overwhelmed.

Your phone

No, I’m not suggesting you stop using a cell phone, I would never do that. Spend some time going through the files on your phone. The documents, pictures, downloads you forgot you had, and of course all those accidental pocket or ground photos. Delete the ones you don’t need anymore.

While you have your phone open take a look through your contacts list as well. If there’s contacts that no longer serve a purpose in your life then delete them. That includes old employers you are no longer in contact with, the random person who bought something from you off kijiji or “friends” you no longer associate with.

It’s also a good idea to go through and declutter your apps as well. Sometimes we end up downloading something for one use and just forget to delete it. You will be amazed at how much storage will open up on your phone.

Declutter your Emails

I know I say this one a lot. Your email folders collect SO much crap you don’t need or want. Spend the time unsubscribing to emails you no longer are interested in or need. It will save you the irritation later.

Go through your emails and delete all the old emails, spam and junk, and folders you no longer need. Clear as much emails out as you can. You’d be amazed once you actually look how many emails you have that you no longer have use for.

Create new folders for the relevant emails you have left. This way you don’t end up with 50+ emails sitting in your inbox.


As a massive “book nerd” this one tends to “shock” people when I suggest it. I recently did a pretty big book unhaul. It consisted of me going through my bookshelf, any books I no longer wanted to read or ones I had ebook copies of went to the free library I created for my apartment building.

Ebooks you no longer want should be either archived or deleted.

I get that some people enjoy buying books with beautiful covers, but do you really need 5 copies of the same book? Or books in languages you can’t read?

While you’re going through your bookshelf(ves) or ereader(s) try organizing the books a bit. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you could simply separate books you’ve read or haven’t read.

More things to declutter

Social Media

This is a big one. I don’t know about anyone else but at one point I was following everyone who followed me despite what they were posting about. I found I ended up skipping a lot of posts because they just weren’t for me. Between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook I had a lot of accounts that didn’t actually serve a purpose in my life.

Take the time needed and free yourself. Unfollow/unlike all the accounts that don’t serve a purpose in your life. I’m not saying delete everyone. If you follow accounts that inspire you, teach you something or just offer posts that make you laugh, keep them. You don’t have to go on a deleting spree and get rid of everyone.

your closet

Yep, I’m suggesting you go through all your clothes and shoes and find things to declutter. Create 3 piles, keep, toss, donate. Go through all your clothes, if you’re not sure if something fits then try it on.

Keep anything you wear frequently, goes with multiple other items or is a “simple basic”. If you have a crazy color or patterned outfit you love keep that too.

Jenni has a great post on how to shop your closet.

If it no longer fits but is still in good shape then donate, if it looks like it’s seen better days then toss it. Don’t forget to also go through your shoes. If they no longer fit, don’t spark your interest or look like their your dogs favorite chew toy then dispose accordingly.

your cupboards

This probably sounds like a weird one to most people. Imagine searching through all your Tupperware trying to find a lid to fit, can you relate? I know from personal experience there is a plastic container fairy who takes lids in the middle of the night.

Take the time to match your containers. If you have a container without a lid or perhaps a lid without a container, toss it. Create an organizational system that works for you. Whether you choose the stack by container size, separate them by matching lids ect. Find what works best for you.

Go through your dishes and cups as well. Get rid of ones with cracks in them. (Unless you are able to fix them). Cracks in dish wear become easy places for bacteria to hide and no one wants that.

Final thoughts on decluttering

I understand that the thought of getting rid of some stuff is scary. Believe me, I understand. If you are willing to take the step, even a baby step, you will be amazed at what can happen.

For me it reduced anxiety and stress. I felt like I had more room to breath and less to clean.

What are your thoughts on decluttering? Is it something you do often or are you a decluttering virgin? Let me know down in the comments below.

Till next time,

Tanya xoxo

36 thoughts on “Declutter: 6 Things to declutter to live happier”

  1. I think we always think of cupboards when we think about de-cluttering but I love de-cluttering my emails and getting rid of all the old ones and saving the ones I value. Same for social media and photos on my phone. It also reminds me of the good memories behind the photos and videos etc

    1. I’m with ya Emma, I find it oddly satisfying to declutter my phone, emails and social media lol

  2. I’m in the process of decluttering currently. Having things clean and organized is not only going to help me be more productive but help me get a little more peace.

  3. I sometimes find it hard to let go of things, but after I declutter I do feel so much better! My mind feels clearer too. My phone and emails definitely need a declutter as I haven’t done that in a while. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thanks for reading Sophie, I understand how it can be a hard task. It difficult to purge things you have an attachment to.

  4. I’m working on decluttering my emails today because I got behind over the weekend. It’s amazing how many recipe emails I get in one day! lol

  5. I feel so much better when there’s less stuff around. At the same time, I do like collecting certain things, so I think you have to find a balance. Good storage helps too. When it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind. Thanks for sharing; good to hear I’m not the only one who is affected by clutter.
    Josh |

    1. Thanks for reading Josh! Yes, I am guilty of having many Pokémon plushies. Lol. But they are not stress inducing 😉

    1. I recently did some decluttering in my apartment. I’d like to do more though. I hope your sis going well <3

  6. I love all these lists and decluttering with social media is a must include in the lists. Peace of mind especially in this time is important. Thanks for sharing this. I need to declutter the kids clothes soon… hehehe

    1. Lol, best of luck with that. I know kids clothes seem to multiple when you’re blinking :-p

  7. This is all true. I love decluttering and putting my phone aside. That’s the best!

  8. I try to declutter seasonally. It always amazes me how things pile up so quickly when you’re not keeping track. I always feel so lighter after I declutter. Thanks for the ideas.

  9. During the quarantine, I have cleaned up my closet, cupboard and social media. I want to organise all my photos better – both in my laptop and phone but I’m procrastinating so harrrd. Maybe this is a sign.

    1. Haha, well it sounds like you’ve been extremely productive. Great job Sakshi! I love organizing and decluttering, haha. I find it fun 😁

  10. Decluttering is one of my goals for 2020. It’s daunting but breaking it down and tackling one small task at a time makes it doable. Plastic container fairy! LOL. She visits my house regularly!

    1. Thanks Beth! I’m really glad it helped you as well. It really helped me to feel “free” from extra stress and weight

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