Find your true self: 22 Questions you need to ask

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Have you ever thought about how to find your true self? What does that even mean? Perhaps you want to be happier, more successful in your career, or maybe you just want more quiet time.

What type of person do you want to be? Or what do you want to accomplish? Keep in mind that when considering questions like these below you have to be as honest with yourself as possible. In reality no one will know otherwise but you will know.

That should be enough to motivate you into being completely honest.

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Find your true self: Questions you need to consider

The questions below are in no particular order, like I said above try and be as honest as possible. Your only hurting yourself otherwise.

Remember that even if you are not currently where you want to be, it doesn’t mean you can’t get there in the future.

Hardwork + Mindset + Determination can take you a long ways šŸ™‚

What are you most passionate about?

This could be your career, children, spouse, garden, pet, “>reading, blogging ect.

What makes you happy?

Some examples are: family, your career, reading, cooking, exercising, gardening ect.

Who are the people in my life that make me the happiest?

Some examples could be; your spouse, parents, best friend, children, work mates, hair stylist (aka angels), the fabulous human who makes your coffee at the coffee shop ect.

Where do I want to be in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years?

Perhaps a new career or position at your current job, new house/apartment, new location, starting a family, business or blog ect.

What do I enjoy most about my life?

Perhaps it’s your free time, hobbies, family or career ect. Jot some stuff down that you enjoy and let that gratitude flow ;-).

Imagine the perfect day. What does it look like?

This could look like breakfast in bed, then enjoying a early morning walk. A day at the beach, baking cakes and cookies all day, organizing your bookshelf or spending the day reading a “>book with a hot cup of tea.

What/who inspires you to be a better person?

Maybe it’s your child(ren), your pet, Best girl friend, a past teacher or a random stranger ect.

What is your biggest strength?

Maybe it’s your intuition, people skills, compassion, your ability to command a room or your go getter attitude. Ect.

Think about your biggest fear, what is it?

Perhaps it’s a fear of success, public speaking, face planting infront of your boss ( I’ve done this) or the fear of losing your free time. ect.

More questions to consider to figure out your true self

What is your biggest weakness?

Maybe it’s people pleasing, or the fact that you’re not a morning person. Ect.

*People pleasers to the left, seriously…. it’s draining and extremely unhealthy for you to always be saying yes. It becomes easy to get burnout and bitter, and no one wants that.

Think about your dream career, what is it?

Perhaps you dream of being a stay at home mom, self employed with your own cleaning company, a chef, run a animal shelter, teacher or yoga instructor. Or maybe you want to be the big corporate boss, ect.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Maybe choose technical college over university, don’t waste your time dating x,y and z, invest in Google or Facebook and the list goes on.

For me it would be “those raccoon eyes do not look as cute as you think they do”. Haha, but joking aside some things would have definitely been done differently.

What makes you unique?

For instance I remember loads of random stuff, like dreams I had when I was 4, pretty much everyone’s birthday, most of the names of the pets I meet. I can also balloon twist ect.

I’m also shaped like a trex :-p

Think about gratitude. What are you most grateful for?

This could be your job, family, pet, hobbies ect.

What is your favorite memory? Why did you pick that specific one?

Maybe is your graduation day, the day you met your best friend or a random memory like playing outside as a child in the snow.

If you had one “do over” would you take it?

This may sound like a simple question to answer, seriously who doesn’t wish they could change at least one thing in their past? It’s a bit trickier than it sounds though, so try to not rush into this answer.

What can I do to make someones elses life better?

This doesn’t have to be difficult, it could just be talking to some random people. Spending time helping others can really give you a new perspective on life. Sometimes that’s all we need to make a change.

What steps do I have to take to reach my goals so I can find my true self?

Maybe you have to start a savings plan, a business plan or get creative ect.

Should I become more organized?

Sometimes clutter can really make it difficult to think. Some may find it overwhelming and sometimes it really puts a damper in your motivation. Look around your space and ask yourself “am I keeping this because it’s useful or I truly like it? Or am I keeping it just so I have stuff?

If it’s the latter I highly suggest donating, gifting or trashing it.

What is the biggest constructive criticism you have about yourself?

Give this one some serious thought, try and be as honest with yourself as possible.

Myself personally, I know I can be extremely sensitive. Being sensitive is not a bad thing. Although it can become bad when it prevents you from living your life and making connections with people.

Name 3 things you are most proud of in regards to yourself.

For example, I am resilient, empathetic and stubborn as a goat. Haha, now it’s your turn. You are most proud of “insert 3 things here”.

This could be your compassionate nature, how head strong you are or how you are willing to work hard for whatever you may want in life.

What brought you joy as a child?

Sometimes we as adults tend to overthink things. (Seriously, I am a massive overthinker). It can be helpful to pretend to go back to a simpler time and remember what made us happy as children.

Jumping in a fresh pile of leaves, skipping rocks on a lake, exploring and learning lots of new things. That childlike wonder should never leave us.

Then what are you suppose to do?

Take the time to seriously think about your answers to the 22 questions above. Trying to find your true self takes time, self reflection and determination. You also have to be willing to change things that are no longer helping you in your life.

This could be your financial situation, career, toxic habits, or just anything that is holding you back in life. No one’s ideal life looks the same, some may want the large house with a pickett white fence, others want to run a big company and some maybe just want something more quiet.

None of those are wrong, there is no one way to live the best life. You have to find what makes you happy and be willing to change to reach it.

What is something you’ve done to help find your true self? Let me know down in the comments below. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to subscribe to get the latest on new posts and news.

Till next time,

Tanya xoxo

6 thoughts on “Find your true self: 22 Questions you need to ask”

  1. I love these questions! Iā€™m at a point in my life where I might be needing to make a career change, so a little soul searching and self-reflection is just what I need. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for reading Clarissa! I think self reflection is always a good thing, I really hope it helps. Good luck with your career endeavors šŸ™‚

  2. These are all really good questions to ask yourself! I might need to start asking myself most of these at this point in my life.

  3. This is really thorough and full of great ideas for self-reflection! Definitely worth setting aside an hour or so to think about these questions.

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