“Self Care” the ugly side in today’s world

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I read a blog post today that brought to mind self care and what some persons consider to be self care. Jenni from the Housewife Hustle did a blog post today about the realistic side to self care.

See Jenni’s post here. In it Jenni is referring to self care and how what’s usually referred to as self care involves bubble baths or buying new clothes.

I wanted to mention a couple of the less glamorous self care activities that we are required to do each day. It’s all fine and dandy to take a bubble bath or watch Netflix, but this post is here to mention the less pretty stuff.

So what exactly am I talking about when I say less glamorous? For instance it could be something as simple as taking your daily medication(s).

5 Non glamorous self care examples

We all have to endure the daily unglamorou selfcare tasks. You know the ones I mean. The stuff that makes you huff or role your eyes.

Going to work

Yes, I know. You’re booing me right now, but seriously doing your job whatever it may be does help pay the bills, provide your household with food and necessities, and if you’re lucky a little extra spending money.


Okay, I think I can hear your eyes rolling at me. It definitely brings a lot less stress if you know what you have to spend, how much your monthly bills cost, ie: rent, mortgage, car insurance, groceries, childcare and or pet care.

Housekeeping (chores)

Okay, …… is anyone still reading this? Lol. Stay with me here, you can’t eat (affordably) if all your dishes are dirty. I don’t know about any of you lovely people but I know I personally can not afford to buy new clothes every time I get something dirty.

Plus you don’t want to be “that person” with the massive dust bunnies if a pipe all of a sudden bursts and your space needs to be invaded by strangers.

Eating healthy

I’m sure I’m not the only person that has told you in your life that your body needs fruits and vegetables. There are loads of great recipes on Pinterest or even Google. Roasted veggies are nice and sweet, plus delicious.

Busting a move (or whatever the kids call it these days)

No I don’t specifically mean dancing but if that’s something you enjoy than be my guest and get dancing. Your body needs to move, it helps with blood flow, endorphins, getting oxygen moving through your blood and I’m pretty sure I don’t have to say that blood clots are not cute.

Why am I being such a buzzkill?

Well friends I’m glad you asked. Like Jenni I have noticed that the self care “movement” seems to be geared towards consumerism.

That’s a first, the use of “consumerism” on this blog I mean. Haha. Everyone talks about the pretty stuff, reading a book, having a bath, going for a night out or weekend getaway.

Few people are sharing self care activities that most people are required to do daily. Not that I blame them. I can see why no one is. It’s not fun. Haha.

So why, if it’s boring like I previously stated am I posting about it? Honestly, because its a necessary part of life. These are daily activities most people have to do.

We all know someone had to be the buzzkill. Looks like it was me. Haha, well if I didn’t lose all of you let me know in the comments some unglamorous care you do on a regular basis.

Till next time my Phat friends

Tanya xoxo

42 thoughts on ““Self Care” the ugly side in today’s world”

  1. Your title had me hooked. I couldn’t agree more. A lot of advertisements and blog posts on self-care are definitely consumerism driven. Your ideas are refreshing.

    1. Thank you. I was thinking about doing this post a couple days ago and when I saw Jenni’ post I knew I should post mine too.

  2. I’m with you chick. When I think of self care…I think of actually taking care of yourself. You know, shower, eat, exercise. The mental and physical. When I think of the other you mentioned, I think more along the lines of “pampering yourself”, which by all means is good, but not in the same context as caring for your self, if that makes sense.

    Loved the post!! Till next time πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Bobbi <3. I think a lot of people tend to think of self care as pampering which it definitely can be , but at the same time it's also physically and mentally taking care of yourself and doing what you have to do. Ie work so you can pay your bills and dont have that added stress.

  3. Totally not a buzz kill! I feel like the things you list as self care help to cultivate a feeling of gratitude toward what we normally take for granted.

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I just wanted to show that “self care” is not always pretty. Sometimes it involves adulting. Haha

    1. Thanks, I wanted to do this post a couple days ago so when I saw yours I was like “now’s good”. Haha. πŸ˜‰

  4. Great post and so true! A lot of our everyday routines could count as self care and it’s all about reframing the way we think. I always try and look at my responsibilities or chores as something I ‘get’ to do, rather than something I ‘have’ to do, it really helps it be less tedious and I feel way more grateful for everything I have. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That definitely makes a difference, putting yourself in a different mindset I mean. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  5. Such an interesting post! I usually do associate self-care with pampering and things that bring me joy so I haven’t thought about everyday tasks being self-care per say.

    I think because I do them all the time and they’re not something I look forward, to like budgeting or chores (lol), the idea of doing something not related to that feels like self-care.

    1. I understand that completely. This post is definitely not the fun types of self care but still stuff that necessary. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  6. Great article! I’ve noticed that the best self care I can do is often the things I want to do the least…ie…clean my house. I feel so good in a tidy space.

    1. Exactly. You get that feeling of accomplishment plus that stuff gets done so you don’t stress over it. πŸ˜‰

  7. I think you make a really good point. Self-care is about putting yourself first and investing in you. Sometimes to do that you need to do the stuff you don’t enjoy so much because they allow you to do the rest e.g. cleaning so when you sit down and relax, you can actually relax. Or a job, as you say, you’ve got to pay the bills…

  8. i think it’s awesome that you’ve focused on self-care that we always overlook, such as taking your meds or going to work! it’s a really smart post! it’s the reality of life! great post! x

  9. Unglamorous self care – brushing my teeth! If I’m having a stressful indoors day or feel a little rough, I end up neglecting it. Ridiculous because I always feel better after I’ve brushed!

    I do brush my teeth before I leave the house though. I’m not that grim haha

    1. Lol, no shame. Being honest, I’ve gone months just using mouth wash and not brushing. It tends to get neglected when my mental health is bad, it’s something I’m working on πŸ˜‰

  10. I think there is definitely room for both forms of self care but it is so important to remember that sometimes self care starts with something as simple as getting out of bed or getting back in it x

    1. I agree with you. I love having some good tea, putting on a facemask and falling into a good book. But I also know that self care can be going to work on days I just don’t feel like it, or moving around when I’m lazy πŸ™‚

  11. I really like the housekeeping one, if you’re swimming in mess then it’s difficult to cultivate a peace of mind. Budgeting is one I NEVER see listed as a self-care tool but I can see how it completely is. Budgeting as self-care…I like it!

    1. Thanks. I definitely see budgeting as self care. Theres so much less stress knowing where your money is going.

  12. Great post, thank you! This is the hit of reality that many people need to see. Oh and by the way, you’re not a buzzkill. You’re being realistic. I very much agree that self-care is not always bubble baths or spas or manicures. They may be forms of self-care. But self-care also involves working on all the messy parts of yourself. It could mean counselling, it could mean, as you said, budgeting, and it could be exercising even if it’s the last thing you want to do.

    1. Exactly. Thank you Corinne. I just thought it was important to emphasize different self care we do daily. It may not be “pretty” but it’s necessary.

    1. I agree. Isn’t the point of self care less stress? I’m pretty sure spending all your money or in a lot of people’s case credit cards, would add stress. Which would in the long run defeat the point. It’s great if you can relax and unwind for a weekend but is it really worth it if it causes you stress for the next whatever amount of time? I don’t think so

  13. Yeah it’s really refreshing to read blog posts about self care that focus on the basics rather than try sell you things you dont need that may affect you’re budget and not be the best for actual self care.

  14. Love this take! When I discuss self-care, I try to share ideas both in terms of treating yourself and regular activities you should be able to enjoy guilt-free to help recharge. Self care should be about more than just purchases β€” while they can be fun, it’s far from the only way to take care of yourself. Self care is for everyone.

    1. I completely agree Meredith. It involves the pretty and the not so pretty stuff. There is room for both bubble baths and paying bills πŸ™‚

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